The 10 biggest manufacturing errors
in the furniture industry

Discover if you still make them and if you can avoid them.

Small series, short delivery times and narrow pricing will, in case of errors, wash away your margins. Especially with made-to-measure or mass customization you want checks and balances that protect your margins.

In this e-book we will name 10 error situations and we will give you clues and solutions how to solve them. Sometimes quick and easy solutions that can be implemented fast. Sometimes solutions that will need a more systematic approach.

Free: the 10 biggest errors and solutions

Recognize error situations

  • Easy made errors:
    What are they and how can they be avoided in a simple way
  • Defects on certain locations in the manufacturing process:
    Were are they made and what effects have faults
  • Persistent shortcomings:
    annoying errors only to be solved by a thorough approach

Troubleshoot problems

  • Quick tips and ideas that can be used for process improvement
  • Proven solutions that can be implemented on a sustainable way
  • Foster understanding among employees for improvement because it's clear what can be done