We bring you ultimate furniture co-creation combined with serialized lot size 1.


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Made-to-measure furniture hassle-free


Flexible Manufacturing

  • Dynamic lot sizes
  • Controlling CNC-machinery
  • Production Planning and Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Execution System
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We work closely with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses to help them successfully create new ways of manufacturing and launch products and services.

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Who is it for
home retailer

Home retailer

Are you a home retailer selling storage systems? Then Ivenza might be your made-to-measure solution for designing and adaptations of for example:

  • TV-cabinets, lowboards, sideboards and bookcases
  • Storage for bath- and dressrooms,
  • Sliding door solutions

Create your own catalog from custom-made designs to allow for easy re-use.

  • Photorealistic 3D renderings and quotations
  • Upfront certainty about pricing and manufacturability
  • Several Ivenza manufacturers are ready to produce your mass customized products or product lines.
CNC router


For furniture manufacturers and creators of storage systems, Ivenza is an essential tool for a fast, smooth and reliable transition to production with small lot sizes or lot size 1.

  • Every prototype is immediately the final product in Ivenza
  • Ivenza directs the manufacturing process and takes control of production machines
  • Every produced part is unique and is tracked and traced continuously during the manufacturing process
  • Errorfree manufacturing by Ivenza through automatic detection and problem solving in background (e.g. collisions between hardware parts) during the design phase

Hardware suppliers

For hardware suppliers Ivenza is an excellent tool to make advanced furniture hardware available to customers.

  • Fast and flawless introduction and promotion of complex hardware
  • Embedded knowledge in Ivenza ensures that users only design within the configuration boundaries you have set
  • Online Ivenza-subscription for your customers to use the 3D-design environment and download of the ready-to-use production data

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