Success stories powered by the usage of Ivenza

Implementing sales and manufacturing systems for mass customization is what we do. This is always done in close collaboration with entrepreneurs and forward-thinking businesses. With Ivenza we can help them create new ways of production and launch products and services succesfully. Here are a few success stories on how Ivenza users create added value with the help of Ivenza.

Case Wolfs & Meuleman

Wolfs & Meuleman is a small but innovative player on the Dutch residential furniture and interior market. The company is active in both the B2C and B2B sector and thereby serves customers throughout the Netherlands. The products that they create are an ideal combination of visible state-of-the-art furniture structures with a sophisticated and attractive design.

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Case Pal Interieur

Pal Interieur (formerly know as "Van der Pal Interieurbouw) in Alkmaar is a fast growing producer in various segments of kitchen and cupboard market. Pal Interieur is highly automated on sales and design side, but even more so in the production process. Pal Interieur has multiple subsidiaries and a network of dealers and agents. Pal Interieur designs, produces and installs. For the production, they have state of the art CNC machinery available.

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Case: VDM

VDM Design is a Belgian supplier of kitchens, closets and bathroom furniture for joiners, kitchen studios and furniture stores. The products are delivered throughout Belgium but also exported to the Netherlands. VDM facilitates its customers with their to a large extend. VDM's 24/7 showroom can be used by its customers to receive and advise their customers. Secondly the manufacturing departement is organized in such way that customers in fact controll their products from design to production.

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Case: Houtshop Van der Gucht

Houtshop Van der Gucht is an independent home improvement center located near to Antwerp in Belgium. This family owned company is well-known in the region for their regular home improvement product categories but also for their custom made cabinetry and woodworking. Fenced by very large transparent sliding doors, hiding dust and noise, customers can watch the integrated production process. A substantial part of the customers, while having coffee, even wait so see their products manufactured. Cash and carry in the purest form.

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