End user based cabinetry
and woodworking

Houtshop Van der Gucht is an independent home improvement center located near to Antwerp in Belgium. This family owned company is well-known in the region for their regular home improvement product categories but also for their custom made cabinetry and woodworking. Fenced by very large transparent sliding doors, hiding dust and noise, customers can watch the integrated production process. A substantial part of the customers, while having coffee, even wait so see their products manufactured. Cash and carry in the purest form.


Houtshop Van der Gucht used a single CNC-router to process cupboards and massive doors on a daily basis. In shifts of 4 hours operators switched from doors to panel processing and back. The shop floor consisted of this CNC-router, 2 large beam saws, a material handling system connected to the beamsaws and a heavy duty edgebander. In time the number of panels raised to a level that the CNC-router became the bottleneck in the manufacturing process.

Moreover the complexity of panels and cabinets raised causing mistakes and errors which led to frequent rework. The mistakes were partly created by customers not clearly understanding the implications of their requests and partly created during the manufacturing process by unclear and assumpted specifications.

Plans for an extra CNC-router with automatic vacuum clamping positioning would only lead to an unblocked bottleneck but not a decreasing number of errors.



The requirements of Houtshop Van der Gucht for a solution were pretty steep. After a thorough selection process the company decided to implement Ivenza.

Shop assistants are now able to help customers by configuring cabinets, cupboards and wardrobes at will. Creating the drawing and a quotation can be done in a reasonable amount of time but within 20 minutes or less. A superuser ensures that specific design and production rules of Houthshop Van Der Gucht are applied automatically resulting in error free drawings causing a flawless manufacturing of made-to-measure products.

Exact pricing for customized products was another big issue resolved with Ivenza. A reasonable number of HPL and MFC materials and textures are kept in stock. A lager spectrum of materials is available on order. Waste of materials not in stock can now be calculated differently from waste of stock materials. Multiple pricing strategies like cost-plus and value-based pricing are now used.




  • Shop assistants at different desks and counters configurate cabinets, wardrobes and cupboards with the customers, using the feedback of customers for better suited of alternative drawings.
  • Different pricing strategies like cost-plus and value-based to get the best possible value and profits.
  • Automatic clamp/pod positioning of the Masterwood CNC-router, calculated and controlled by Ivenza.
  • A superuser manages Ivenza-settings to ensure automatic compliance with company rules for pricing, sales and production.
  • Strong integration between Ivenza and existing manufacturing equipment.
Video showing Ivenza controlling the automatic clamp positioning