Business-to-Business solution for
joiners and wardrobe outlets

VDM Design is a Belgian supplier of kitchens, closets and bathroom furniture for joiners, kitchen studios and furniture stores. The products are delivered throughout Belgium but also exported to the Netherlands. VDM facilitates its customers with their to a large extend. VDM's 24/7 showroom can be used by its customers to receive and advise their customers. Secondly the manufacturing departement is organized in such way that customers in fact controll their products from design to production.




VDM Design has to a large group of very diverse customers. These customers include joiners, woodcrafting companies and retailstores and have very special requirements regarding construction and functionality. On the other hand, there are also kitchen studios who are primarily interested in design and less in construction.

VDM offers catalogs for the three major product lines kitchens, bathrooms and living furniture. The orders are placed with the aid of a particular order form in which the catalog items may be mentioned. The orders are faxed.

Increasingly VDM has to do with variable orders for catalog items. The customers do not want the standard catalog product but a product that is adjusted to a specific dimension, color, door and drawer front choice. This leads to a significant increase of time in the process of pricing, order processing and production and it is error-prone.


VDM wanted to make their customers to be in charge controlling the output. This has been realized by implementing Ivenza. It enables customers to design and order highly customized products and VDM on their side provides the materials and machinery to the users.

VDM has chosen an Ivenza Enterprise Edition in combination with Navision (Microsoft Dynamics NAV ™), a mature ERP system of Microsoft. The solution consists of a fully functioning design and ordering system over the internet. A strong interface with Navision results in shopping carts mixed with Ivenza design items and stock items derived from Navions. The ERP-located customer data is used in Ivenza to issue quotations based on actual discounts.

VDM has a highly advanced production line with automated material flow systems, edging systems with static and dynamic barcode activated edgeband choice and CNC routers and CNC-Drilling Centers. That production line is fully controlled and monitored by Ivenza resulting in lotsize 1 and serial production.


  • Customers freely design over the internet (custom) catalog items which can be ordered via a digital order.
  • Customer-specific Conditions retrieved from Navision during the quotation and order process are displayed in the Ivenza shopping cart.
  • Flawless manufacturability of each product is during the design and ordering process already established automatically.
  • Customer-specific layout of quotations and order-confirmation with their logo and integrated and adjustable markup
  • VDM Designer is de VDM flavor of the Ivenza configurator.
  • 3 languages supported because of the 3-language nature of Belgium.