Residential, Contract and Hospitality Furniture designed remotely

Wolfs & Meuleman is a small but innovative player on the Dutch residential furniture and interior market. The company is active in both the B2C and B2B sector and thereby serves customers throughout the Netherlands. The products that they create are an ideal combination of visible state-of-the-art furniture structures with a sophisticated and attractive design.


A number of years ago Wolfs & Meuleman developed a cabinet line branded Iquitos. This cube cabinet has been the start of a successful series of products for retailers and consumers. Characteristic of these products is the use of inventive structures, sleek design and wide choice of materials and designs. But the ever more individual requirements for these products they came to stand for the choice, what now? How to manufacture these products with constant demands for lowering lotsizes while keeping profit margins intact. Moreover howto enable retailers in transforming end consumer requirements into 3D designs and preventing Wofls & Meulemand doing the drawing and design for those retailers.


The solution for the new concept was Kast Op Maat where Wolfs & Meuleman applied Ivenza and embedded it in their website. During a pilot period of one year, which was monitored and discussed closely with existing and new customers, the concept was refined and matured. In 2009 Wolfs & Meuleman started the rollout of the system.

At first only product development, category management and sales were done by Wolfs & Meuleman. Manufacturing of Kast Op Maat products though was outsourced to a remote production plant in the Netherlands that already worked with Ivenza. After the pilot year Wolfs & Meuleman was confident to manufacture the products themselves and so they bought a high end CNC-machine.


  • Computerized furniture production is done in the company workshop
  • Network of retailers and residential interior design firms are connected with the Ivenza system through the internet
  • Separate product lines are available for user groups with their own characteristics and esthetics developed and designed by Kastopmaat;
  • Individual retailer product lines and personal catalogs can be created by users based on the common product lines;
  • Controlling power by in providing knowledge, expertise and design through product lines, structures, material choices.