Uncomplicated assembly of thoughtful designed made-to-measure furniture

An example of the use of a custom made digital manual that is automatically generated when packing a customized cabinet. As a result, assembling flatpack products is a lot easier for carpenters, providers of service jobs and handy DIY users. Automatically created manuals with exactly to-the-point information, belonging to this special product, with the result: Less assembly time and less chance of errors leading to more margin in the chain.

Topics that are covered:
  • Digital in animated images -2D/3D- and text available on laptop, iPad and smartphone to check the assembly in the van before arriving or onsite
  • Exploded view with construction order and locations of furniture hardware
  • Detail drawing with red signal color indicating hinges, drawers and connectors
  • Barcode labels with parts drawing to identify the position of the panel in the design
  • No unnecessary information only relevant assembly details for this specific product