Manufacturing with dynamic lot size

Jobshop applications for shop floor

The connecting links between the Ivenza system, the computer-controlled machines and machine operations are Jobshop applications. Job Shop applications are small Ivenza programs that run on the PC of a computer-controlled machine on the shop floor. There is a special Job Shop for each type of machine Application: the Job Shop application ensures that the Ivenza production instructions that belong to a particular panel, to be translated into concrete instructions on that particular machine.

  • Storage systems for boards application that is driven to pick the right materials the next batch for a beam saw.
  • Beam saws where the Job Shop application provides automatic generation of cutting plans, visualization of the cutting process of cutting plan and barcode labels per panel
  • CNC routing and machining with Job Shop applications that are responsible for the automatic generation of CNC programs, clamping instructions and allocation of CNC workfields and real-time monitoring of actual tools and other machine data.
  • Edgebanding and sizing controlled through the Job Shop application and responsible for selecting the right edgeband and the appropriate machine instructions.
  • CNC processing centers where Ivenza creates CNC programs, reading of the tool storage and calculating CNC scenarios taking into account the clamping systems.
Smart Factory

Integrated enterprise network

Ivenza is an Enterprise Network that is connected to your organisation starting at the design stage connected to shipment and invoicing stage. In many ways, Ivenza linked with your organization (people, machines and ERP/WMS-system) and to your customers. The result is by design a truly integrated environment for sales and production.

Flexible CNC-Automation

Ivenza is strong on CNC automation, the external control of computer-controlled machines (CNC machines). This means that Ivenza is connected through the Job Shop applications with advanced manufacturing machines and supports therefore agile and flexible manufacturing processes. Ivenza, as a flexible manufacturing system, ensures that the CNC-equipment is given precise instructions about what to do, when to do and also how it should be done. All these instructions are automatic and usually invisible to the machine operator. The result is that:

  • Complexity of operationing of these machines is greatly lowered.
  • More people are able to operate those machines because they only need to follow. specific and simple instructions of Ivenza presented on screen. The flexible deployment of people and scalability is possible.
  • Setup times between different products are be reduced to almost 0, so the distinction between series of parts or lot size 1 of parts in terms of operations time and complexity disappears.
  • Failure costs go down drastically because interpretation errors, tooling errors, bugs and possible setting errors are unlikely.

Tracking & tracing of products

Tracking and tracing is the logging activities of an employee or a machine when using Ivenza. In Ivenza all workflow actions, tasks and results are logged. This data is essential for Smart Factory concepts as used in Ivenza. For example the history of creating a particular unique part can be traced completely: from emergence to installation in e.g. a cabinet. Tracking and tracing is not restricted to manufacturing but is also deployed in order processing and at the design and configuration phase.

Tracking and tracing is Ivenza used for the following reasons:

  • Reconstruction in incidents occurred at order processing or production. To determine who did something what happend with an order or any production part.
  • Calculation of leadtimes and waiting times of products on predefined routes between machines and job shops.
  • Efficiency and capacity of Job Shop Machinery per hour, per shift, per day, per week and per month.
  • Feedback signals to the manufacturing management in order to have the latest shop floor information available for rescheduling purposes.

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