Ivenza product configurators: from simple mouse clicks to appealing designs

The design environment SODA consists of a series small programs launched by a web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari) that run within the browser. SODA design environment is developed with usability in mind. Designs are created extremely fast and easy. The furniture product configurators configure and visualize 2D and 3D storage systems, panels, store systems and interior spaces with instant pricing.

Cupboard Editor

Cupboard Editor screenshot

Residential furniture in the cupboard editor


The Cupboard Editor is one of the most important applications within the design environment SODA. Using the Cupboard Editor designers can quickly and seamlessly configurate (walkin) closets, cabinets and other storage systems.

The designs are shown and planned in 2D and a rendered 3D view. While working with de Editor all actions are checked against previously defined rules to ensure an errorfree object.

If pricing is activated in every phase of the design it's listprice or costprice can be shown.

Main features

  • Selectable colors and textures with libraries of RAL-colors, vineer and MFC decors
  • Freely positionable shelves and walls with selectable standard or alternate connectors
  • Automatic and errorfree positioning of furniture fittings like hinges, drawers etc.
  • External (and variable) purchase parts like doors and glass shelves.
  • Switchable program-features linked to different usergroups

Panel Editor

Panel Editor screenshot

Top of desk


The Panel Editor is the design environment for shaping single panels or boards. It can be used as stand-alone editor, but also act as an integrated part of the Cabinets Editor. The Panel Editor allows users to shape the panel and draw holes and paths within pre-set boundaries.

The Panel Editor is used for residential furniture to create holes and paths for wiring (TV, computer, audio) and special furniture fittings. In case of office furniture the editor is mainly used to create non-rectangular shapes for tops.

Main features

  • Holes for lighting and wiring
  • Pockets for kitchensinks, hotplates and recessed handles
  • Contours for polygons, rounded or oval table tops
  • Edgebanding for special path segments
  • Drawing tools like snapping, grids and drawing lines
  • Granular pricing of operations performed on single panels

iSlide Editor

iSlide screenshot

Sliding doors and interiors


iSlide the Ivenza configurator for aluminum and lacquered sliding doors and storage systems. This Editor can be operated by consumers, but also in extended form by employees of furniture stores and home improvement shops. Design and assembling of customized doors has thus become extremely simple.

iSlide lets the user to determine exactly what the opening behavior is of sliding doors and drawers. With the mouse you can open and close the doors. This visualization of the functional aspects of sliding doors is very important for big ticket items.

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Main features

  • Single and multi section sliding doors with fillers of wooden textures, glass and mirrors
  • Aluminum and steel profiling for frames and rails
  • Soft closing options for doors and drawers
  • Sloped doors and cabinets for usage in lofts
  • Mitered frames with polygon filler panels
  • Broad range of selectable accessoires like trouser racks, wall lifts and belts hanger
  • Multiple product lines and program features based on user groups

iSpace Editor

iSpace screenshot

Wardrobe interior


iSpace is a 3D configurator for presenting living areas, bedrooms and office spaces. In addition to walls, doors and windows, users can add catalogs from cabinets, tables, doors and seating. A rendered view of a assembled set of producable items and purchase items can be created.

A complete set of items in iSpace can be ordered in one single shopping cart. In the order entry Ivenza will distinguish between items to be manfucatured and stock or purchase items.

Main features

  • Room layouts with doors and windows that match exactly with the customer's real room
  • Selectable cabinets, tables and slidingdoors from catalogs and productlines and adaptable inside iSpace
  • Selectable seating furniture from external catalogs that can be positioned in the room
  • Add home accessories for decoration purposes.
  • Various exportformats for use in architectural environments