Configure easy and error free
made-to-measure storage furniture

Configurators and designers

Ivenza is an intelligent system and concept for designing, presenting and production of panel based products for residential and office purposes. Not limited to cupboards or dressings but also desks or tables. Ivenza is entirely webbased and can therefore be used on any PC on any location.

Ivenza is aimed at manufacturers and retailorganisations that believe in high levels of automation and make custom designs on a regular bases. Ivenza is very well suited for furniture related mass customization.

Currently Ivenza is offered in 4 different area's and with various bundles to correspond to the company size.

  • Cupboard editor for design of storage systems.
  • Panel editor for design of single panels. E.g. table tops or none square side panels.
  • iSpace for presenting Ivenza products and external design furniture in a room view.
  • iSlide for total solution including storage systems, furniture, sliding doors and interior design.

All design, order and production processes are controlled monitored and managed with dashboards from a webinterface. More information about the processes managed by Ivenza.

Design environment

Ivenza works with a 3D design environment (SODA) that is made available through a webbrowser and acts as a product configurator. Every time you start SODA it is loaded from the Ivenza server. Making sure you are always working on the latest version. For the various types of products, different SODA's are available. These are called editors and each contain their own set of rules to ensure error free design whilst giving you as much freedom and as little complexity as possible.

We use HTML5/WebGL and/or Java for these drawing tools so you are assured that you can run the Ivenza product configurators on your desktop, iPad and smartphone.

Enable users to create furniture

Ivenza is a systems director which aims to bring knowledge from all areas of furniture production, design, retail, sale and logistics into a process or software. Allowing people to make use of the knowledge available in other diciplines of your organisation besides their own area of expertise. E.g. a designer might not be familiar with the types of fitting available or other limitation of the production. On the other side a CNC machine will not know what the customer was thinking at the time of design. Ivenza thus enables users to excell in attractive designs and fully automated manufacturing.

Production in small lotsizes

Efficiently designing and producing in lotsize 1 is what Ivenza was originally made for and is still at its core. To achieve this, it is possible to connect your CNC machines (edgebender, router, beamsaw, packaging, or panel warehouses) through our shopfloor Jobshops directly to the local or remote Ivenza server.

Ivenza is especially designed for use production approaches like Make To Order (MTO) but can also be used in Make To Stock (MTS) manufacturing.

Production planning and scheduling

Within Ivenza you have the opportunity to manage, control and monitor a large part of the production processes. This planning system contains a factory model that will be set up for every individual customer. This model contains which resources can complete which tasks. Together with the set production rules inside Ivenza this ensures a clear picture of the optimal flow through your production and will also alert the designer of any specific situation that are not possible with the registered resources.

Panel processing

Ivenza is able to work with various types of automated production facilities. Starting at automated panel wharehouses through CNC connected sawing, edgebending, and routers. All the necessary input is generated directly from the beforementioned SODA environment. Ivenza supports multiple brands and tyes of woodworking machinery like Biesse, HOMAG, IMA, Masterwood, MKM International, Morbidelli, SCM, Selco and Weeke.

Fittings database

Ivenza contains a broad database with various furniture fittings, like hinges, drawers, joint connectors, that you would work with on a daily bases. E.g. Blum, Grass, Haefele, Hettich, Salice. Due to the unique way these fittings are integrated within Ivenza the designer does not have to consider the parameters of these fittings. The design will directly show what is or isn't possible with the (auto)selected fittings.

3rd party interfaces

Ivenza is designed as an integrated design, sales and productionsystem. To be able to communicate sales orders, material and resource requirements, Ivenza is able to connect to a series of ERP applications. Data is interfaced to and from remote systems by Ivenza webservices. Information is exchanged with open standards like XML and JSON.