Fast and errorfree design and
manufacturing of slidingdoors with iSlide

Key features of iSlide

  • Multi-language online 3D-Configurator
  • Product Lines with separate brands and appearance
  • Wide range of decors, glass and mirror options for sliding doors
  • Sloped sliding doors
  • Interior Cabinets with pre-defined and selectable layouts
  • Cornered cabinets with corner shelves


iSLIDE includes an integrated module for costing. This means that consumers can see immediately what the selling price is for the sliding door configuration. Dealers also have the ability to check what their purchase price is and to determine what margin the dealer has.

The price module is capable of providing a prize to all kinds of technical and functional components . Moreover, the price algorithm is also capable of all kinds of conditions and expressions to in order to calculate the right consumer price.

Consumer quotation

Dealers are able to design quickly and very precisely. Sliding door layouts can also be printed immediately and given to the consumer. In the quotation is of course the price stated but also all kinds of design details that have been addresses in the sales talk. The 2D and 3D drawings give the customer a very good understanding of what he will get delivered soon. Alternatively, the quotation can printed in and with the logo of the retailer or brand. Since the quotation can be downloaded in the form of a PDF is sending through email possible.

Order processing

Ivenza includes many options to follow the orders and their status. This is all done with a simple browser that gives an authorized retailer access to his orderdetails. Dealers can convert quotes into orders followed by the sliding door manufacturer who receives these orders electronically. The manufacturer plans production and ultimately reports the order completed. Each logical step in the order process can be accompanied by some automated tasks such as sending an e-mail to update to the dealer or consumer.

Product lines

The Ivenza Sliding configurator is provided with a product line system. Product lines enable you to accommodate different types of sliding brands. Each sliding door brand may contain certain separate groups of colors, textures and options that are distinct from another brand. Also pricing and technical capabilities can be product line dependent.


The 3D product configurator collects all necessary data required for a flawless manufacturing. If the sliding door design is created than it is guaranteed that the design can be produced. Using advanced manufacturing equipment Ivenza can manufacture customized sliding doors with a high speed. Ivenza is also able to generate production data for outsourced environments.