CNC router machine center controlled and operated remotely by Ivenza

Process monitoring, automatically creating CNC programs and showing how parts should be positioned are tasks performed by the JobShop applications of Ivenza. The operator has significantly less stress in his work. In this video we see those tasked executed.

A barcode label on each part ensures that the part can be traced on the shop floor. The operator of the machine scans the barcode sticker. Only then Ivenza checks the actual status of the machine, reads all machine and tool data and automatically generates the best CNC program for this combination/situation. There is no programming work needed on the machine and an operator will never have to search a library of programs on the CNC machine center for a particular program.

The CNC machine is constantly in communication with Ivenza. Each start and stop of a CNC program is logged automatically. This makes clear exactly what program has lasted how long for what part. These data can be used for a realistic capacity planning, price calculations and machine analysis.

Topics that are covered in this video:
  • Automatic generation of CNC-program with help of 1 dynamic barcode scaner by operator or static barcode scanner linked to the workcenter
  • Optimal CNC-instruction by reading each time the actual condition of the machine with it's working table and available tooling
  • Visual and textual clamping instructions for parts or semi-finished products to the operator
  • Process control for 2nd and 3rd CNC-program for operations on the bottom side or workcenter changes
  • Cloud controlled jobshop floor linking all machines through a secure internet connection with Ivenza