Mobile configurator for sliding doors and walk-in closets

Ivenza has configurators specifically designed for online use by consumers. Using online furniture catalogs, users can select a design, open it in the configurator and get inspired.

The configurator supports the use of iPad, smartphone and PC. Customers are able to edit the product and see the characteristics. Customer inflicted adjustments immediately cause a recalculation to check if price changes are needed, or if any technical/production rules are broken or need to be avoided.

The mobile configurators of Ivenza are designed to integrate seamlessly with a host website that is used for e-commerce and online sales.

Topics that are covered in this video:
  • Placing parquet- or laminate flooring under the sliding door cabinets
  • Walls provided with a selectable (paint-)color
  • Change views and position in the room
  • Open doors of the cabinets in 3D
  • Zooming in on details of the sliding doors
  • View cabinet interior making sliding doors temporarily invisible

Play with this smooth configurator

Would you like to discover our consumer oriented configurator? You can play with it in 3D. Make adjustments in width, height and depth. Or change textures and colors.

You can even request your own design to be uploaded and work with it in the configurator.