Customer journey for sliding doors with separate consumer and dealer configurator

The different configurators of Ivenza work seamlessly together sharing designs and production data of custom-made furniture. In this way, a sophisticated on-line strategy is aligned with an existing offline way of visiting furniture shops.

At home the consumer gets inspired, becomes aware of important needs and costs, using the designer for consumers. The added value of the dealer comes into play through his own professional configurator that has significantly more options and features than that of the consumers.

Consumers "release" their design digitally so the dealer has access and can take ownership of this design in his dedicated configurator. Thus keeping all the design principles including sizes and other values, parameters, with his higher access level, the dealer adds special functionality to the design with his extra features. Customers experience an even better service.

Topics that are covered in the couch configuration video:
  • Selecting design from online catalogue and open design with iPad tablet
  • Using Augmented Reality to show the virtual product in real life environment
  • Instore explanation at showroom storage products and sliding doors with material samples and accessories
  • Releasing the 3D design of the customer to the dealer enabling the sales to make last-minute adjustments
  • Dealer has extra design options for special circumstances that are not accessible to the customer