Design a sideboard, fast and functional with Ivenza

One of the main configurators for furniture is the cabinet configurator of Ivenza. This is the work horse used by many of our customers to realize products based on customer requirements with the guarantee that it can be manufactured flawlessly.

In this short film accompanied with audio, it is shown how Ivenza intuitively enables useful constructions and good looking furniture.

While designing, all changes made by users are checked in the background against predefined design and manufacturing rules. That means that designs comply with those rules that results in certainty that a predictable, smooth and trouble-free production and delivery will happen.

Design topics that are covered in this movie:
  • Input of dimensions through mouse and keyboard
  • Point-and-click to place wall-, floor-panels and shelves
  • Use double doors and automatically distributed drawers
  • Select accessories like legs and grips
  • Change joints in 1 click from fixed dowels to demountable minifix connectors
  • Production data in drawing with exact locations of cabinetry hardware and selected materials
  • Automatic colission detection between hardware and parts and the use of automatic problem solving algorithm of Ivenza
  • Exact drilling- and milling operations in every detail drawing in the configurator of each part

Free 30-day trial

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