Smart loading of machines increases speed and throughput

Standard machines for large series and batches can be exploited smart by using a controlled environment like Ivenza causing an enlarged throughput and higher yield per hour.

In the video an example from the furniture industry is used where panel parts are stacked and then processed by a CNC drilling center. The drilling center is capable of operating panels from the top and the bottom at the same time and independ.

Typical operations that can be executed in parallel in the furniture industry are: cutting, drilling/milling and packaging.

Topics that are covered in this video:
  • Increase throughput of bottleneck by simultaneously operation on two parts is highly effective
  • Operating in parallel means integrated manufacturing
  • JobShop applications of Ivenza know which semi-finished parts are on their way to this machine center
  • Instructions to the operator for grouping the right parts that will be operated simultaneously
  • Drilling heads with tools that operate independently from top and bottom at the same time
  • Biessie Skipper as CNC machine center is comparable to the BHX of Weeke/Homag and the Cyflex of SCM