Unique 3D-designs pushed straight into lotsize 1 manufacturing

Example of a complete integration of sheet storage, panel sizing, edging machines and CNC machining centers with Ivenza. Multiple product lines come together and via unique barcode labels the products at the end of the manufacturing process are sorted and collected by order ID. There are separate product lines for kitchen cabinets and residential cabinets for living and bedroom.

The business-to-business customers log in over the internet to draw their designs. With their own settings on pricing and materials, B2B users are enabled to give their consumers good advice and a personal quote. The B2B users have access to this factory through the internet.

Using unique barcode labels, with detailed images of the part and its product, and along with customized manuals, B2B customers are able to build unassembled furniture on site fast and flawless.

Items covered in this video of an Ivenza customer:
  • Design of kitchen cabinets and residential cabinets by remote B2B customers
  • Order processing by Ivenza provider
  • Manufacturing with Ivenza linked machines like sheet storage, beam saw, edgebander and CNC-machine centers