E-commerce integration between shoppingcart and 3D-configurator

E-commerce platforms are here to stay as a sales channel for furniture. Even big-ticket items such as storage systems, sofas etc. are bought online by customers without any problem. Product configurators such as Ivenza are ideally suited to strongly support the online customer journey. Especially configurators play an important role when customers need mass customizated products.

In this video we show how a product configurator of Ivenza can be integrated with a shopping cart of global e-tailer. Disclaimer: This is a technically fully functional mockup, but not used in the live environment from Amazon.

Topics covered in this small film:
  • Modifications of dimensions of a furniture product in a shopping cart in realtime
  • Integration of 3D-configurator on order row level of shopping cart
  • Opening and closing of doors and drawers in the 3D-configuration while in the ordering phase
  • Price adjustments when changing sizes or materials and immediately recalculation of the grand total