Ivenza configurator integration with landing page

Proof-of-concept of landing pages and catalog pages. These web pages on which online visitors 'land' after they have entered search terms that match with this landingpage. The purpose of such pages is conversion. That is, users must be enticed to take action. That may be leaving behind an email address for a newsletter or to order the product shown. This fictional, but technically working, example shows the integration in Wayfair.de.

Ivenza contains options to show the configurator on such pages. Unlike product images users can now see with the configurator in 3D how the product from the outside and inside looks. Visitors can check for example, the behavior of drawers and doors and even make adjustments of sizes and materials.

Topics covered in this video:
  • Landing page of catalog with 3D presentation of furniture storage systems
  • Functional behaviour of sliding doors and cabinets can be checked by animated actions
  • Adjustments to the catalog design through the Edit-mode are possible causing a default product to be personalized and custom made