Powerful and quick design tool for the DIY-retailer and furniture shop

Living, for consumers is one of their main focus areas. Whether the consumer lives in a semi-detached, country side bungalow or loft; all these situations make that storage systems such as cabinets, doors and walk-in closets must be custom build for that customer and their unique situation.

Dimensions of the product are important, but also functional aspects like cabinet interior layouts and design options like appropriate textures and a modern or rustic look.

Realistic 3D rendering animated

Modern consumers expect powerful design tools available instore. Tools that support retail employees in the realization of the wishes and needs of the customer. Consumers want to see upfront what they are buying and want to know how functional their desires have been translated into a design.

Enabling dealer as expert status

The quality level of these kind of scenarios and advisory interactions may be enhanced by using Ivenza-configurators. The dealer is positioned in the rol of expert and with the help of Ivenza design tools, customers can be guided into buying the configured products.

Topics in this video:
  • Fine-grained options to input all kinds of dimensions and sizes
  • Predefined templates of cabinet interiors for a fast construction of the design
  • Point-and-click to adapt the materials and textures with immediate results in the 3D view of the design
  • Cornered cabinets and sliding doors

Designer for Consumers

Besides the professional dealer configurator you can click here to see our designer for consumer use. It is a simplified and restricted version that will still allow you to make basic adjustments like size, color which is considered the right level for inspiration and orientation. For more complex designs the professional designer would be required.